Ok, so here is a little history lesson for everyone about how Michael and I got together.

Michael and I met around 1999 at a local pizzeria, Trupia's. I had taken a part time job there. This really adorable guy would come in once a week, every week with his two friends, RJ and Shelly. They ordered the same thing every week, 3 salads, 1 Root Beer and 2 Seltzers with lemon, 1 large pie with sausage and 1 large pie with peppers and onions. I offered to cook him a real dinner one night but he did not go for it, all I got was his email address. We emailed for a while, figuring out whom each other was. We had known of each other for 9 years, we shared a mutual friend. Michael kinda got weirded out by the fact this mutual friend was my daughter's uncle and we went our separate ways. Then back in Jan 2001, I almost ran right into this adorable guy in the mall. And, do you believe, it was Michael. That night, I got an email to say hello and he was going to Vegas. We emailed while he was away and he called me when he got home. He told me he was not feeling well and me being the loving caring person I am, offered to bring him some medicine on my way home. Well, would you believe, when I got there, he really did not look sick to me ??!! Funny huh? Well, even though he tricked me, we started "hangin out" every day. Finally, in February, I agreed to officially date him. He took me away to a lake house in Alabama in May and while sitting on the barge on the beautiful sunny lake, I asked him to move in with me and my wonderful daughter. He accepted. We had a perfect summer. Then, come a very hot day in August, the 10th to be exact, he took me to lunch. But this was no ordinary lunch hour. We were driving the wrong direction and driving for quite awhile. Worried I would be late from my lunch hour; I kept nagging where we were going. We were going on our first picnic. We picnicked at the Ocean County Park. When we sat down, he gave me a beautiful poem to tell me how much he loved me...I cried. We ate subs and pretzels. Then, he told me to close my eyes and handed me a box the size of a 3 x 5 index card. I opened my eyes and the box and inside where beautiful yellow rose petals. I picked up one of the petals and I saw the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!!! And he asked, "Will you marry me?" After 27 seconds, I was finally able to catch my breath and say YES !!!

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