Here are 17 pictures that cover the exterior of the house.  Please be patient while they load.  Any problems with pictures please email me at Thanks and enjoy !  Placing your mouse over top of the pictures will pop up a quick description of what is in the picture.

Here is our view of Anne and Bill's house.  Our new neighbors

The first pictures we took after being Framed and Sheathed

Now with siding

Shutters and garage doors were added in this picture

The fireplace chase after sheathing

Neat lights that shine down the front of the house

Lookie at the funky Bilco Doors before they filled in the dirt

Another funky view of the Bilcos before the fill

Master Bedroom side of house sheathed, the window in the bottom right is the laundry room, next to that is the powder room, and the upstairs window is our changing room

Progress from the last picture

Kayla's corner of the house sheathed

The upstairs windows are Kayla's bedroom and the downstairs is the kitchen nook

Rear view of the house, right side is Kayla's room upstairs, bottom is Nook, Middle upstairs is my office, middle downstairs is the Kitchen, Upstairs on the left is the Master Bathroom, and the door downstairs leads to the laundry room

More Progress !!!  Notice the handy attic fan on the roof

Upstairs is the loft, downstairs is the greatroom, you can also see on the porch windows which are the dining room and upstairs is the Master bedroom

Our walkway and skinny porch, the windows are the dining room

Frontal view of the front porch

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